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Celeriac Soup recipe Watch on our pod cast ” Hub K...

“I chose this simple soup because celeriac is full of vitamin c, phosphorus and potassium. But you can  replace the celeriac  with carrots or parsnips.All of these vegetables are good for you. For some people the flavour of onion is too strong, so replace them with shallots or eliminate them completely. “ Celeriac Soup 50 g unsalted butter 1 […]

Introducing Aida our kitchen hub chef

Introducing  Aida our kitchen hub chef

Aida our kitchen hub chef brings with her a wealth of experience, alongside running her own catering company, Aida comes to our kitchen once monthly with an easy cook idea for you. Aida plans to use inexpensive but nutritious ingredients to create tasty simple meals that are easy to cook. From soups to sorbets, simple […]