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Sudden Violent Traumatic Death

Information for those in supporting roles We also offer this excerpt of a chapter of our free e book specifically for anyone affected by this news in particular for those finding themselves in direct contact with,or supporting the loved ones and families of the deceased ; If you would like our support  contact us at either or […]

Children’s Remembrance Song

The Children’s Rememberance song Never Forget   Lyrics and Melody  by Alex James Arranged by Rebecca Ellis Sung by children at Cheddington County Combined junior school Illustrated by  Natalie Bedwell Project coordinated by Deirdre Lay Here’s the podcast audio of this little song that I wrote for children, easy to learn ,play on simple instruments […]

Book Review The Little book of big stuff about the brain

  Clive Black Children’s Support and Play Therapist Reviews – The Little Book Of The Big Stuff About The Brain Andrew Curran – Crown House Publishing – ISBN – 978-184590085-4   I have always been put off learning more about my brain, too many parts, too many long words….”oh I won’t understand……I won’t bother….”  That […]

Book Review The Huge Bag Of Worries

Book Review  The Huge Bag Of Worries

 Children’s Support and play therapist Clive Black reviews      –                                                                    The Huge Bag Of Worries Virginia Ironside – Hodder Children’s Books […]

Sleep and Dreams

Article contains  :My Thoughts , National Sleep Foundation Says , Self Help Link. My Thoughts  It’s believed that everyone dreams, stories played out whilst we sleep can be a jumbled reflection of our lives.I see dreams like this :Whilst we are awake we are mostly  able to control our thoughts. We move through our awake time absorbing […]

Mindfulness and Meditation Audio Podcasts

Join Tania for this  short progressive muscle relaxation  Welcome 🙂 The first podcast is for something called ‘ progressive muscle relaxation’. I will talk you through a short relaxation practise that once you have learned, you can do by your self to help you relax or feel calmer in any situation, anywhere. Audio’s are useful […]

Managing Official Business

Our Self Care Guide  There can be many occasions after a death where you may have to attend meetings or to official  business. Whether you are planning the funeral, attending inquests, talking to solicitors, or other officials who may require you to attend meetings, or may visit you seeking information. Here’s a few ideas of […]

Living and Dying

On  Living and Dying and leaving something behind    When someone is told that their life is limited, that they are terminally ill and are going to die ,the reaction will be as individual and unique as the person receiving the news. There will also be some  common reactions, feelings and fears.Shock, disbelief , anger , […]

Lets Be Careful Out There

Finding The Right Support and  Keeping Safe  I received quite a few emails lately seeking support,or should I say  safe connections. So I decided to take a look at what’s going on out there. There are endless agencies and individuals offering support. Anyone can set up a social media group or page and anyone can […]

Listen to our Audios

We will shortly be adding  audio podcasts to the website, these come from our recording studio at Bereavement UK. We will be inviting special guests and organisations to join us in the studio. Every week you’ll be able to listen to Alex, Tania and invited guests as they share their thoughts,experiences, ideas, and offer information. Descriptions of the […]