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The use of CBT in Bereavement Support

Recently, I undertook and graduated with a Diploma in CBT. I remember, on discussing with a colleague at work that I was considering the course, that she asked me, surprised, “but why would you want to do that Tania, you are so person centred”. “Exactly!”, I replied. During my initial counselling training in 2002, we were […]

M. P calls for more Support for parents who experience de...

M. P calls for more Support for parents who experience death of a child

“AT LAST”  I cry ,and what a shame that it is only through her personal tragedy and experience that the plight of many bereaved parents might now be  acknowledged. Lets hope her  calls for changes and more support doesn’t fall on deaf ears.In the UK ,we believe there is a vast area of training that needs […]

Congratulations Child Bereavement UK

Congratulations Child Bereavement UK

  “We at are very proud to promote the amazing work of this outstanding charity , Congratulations Child Bereavement UK “ Child Bereavement UK celebrates 21 years of Rebuilding Lives On 15 October, Child Bereavement UK held a 21st Birthday Dinner and Concert to mark the occasion of its 21st year of helping families […]