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For those impacted by traumatic events or bereavement.

The first Few Days  “It almost felt like I’d have to remind myself to breathe” Things can be so overwhelming after a traumatic incident or death, that not only might we find it hard to think about what we should do next, we might forget to do simple everyday things Remember that even though it doesn’t seem like […]

Talking to Children who are bereaved 22nd June 2016 Leave a CommentWritten by Alex James edit

For those experiencing sudden unexpected death we hope you may find the following useful   When a death occurs the household may become very active, there may be visits from family, friends neighbours and those involved in a more official capacity.There may be paperwork to attend to and many other things that require attention at […]

Information for those in supporting roles We also offer this excerpt of a chapter of our free e book specifically for anyone affected by this news in particular for those finding themselves in direct contact with,or supporting the loved ones and families of the deceased ; If you would like our support  contact us at either or […]

Remember My Baby

Remember My Baby

  Remember My Baby ~ Remembrance Photography A lifetime’s potential memories lost in the blink of an eye. The moment you’re told your baby has died, that they’re stillborn, or will not survive more than minutes, hours, or days after their birth, you are shocked, and numb, there are so many unanswered questions rushing through […]

About Aching Arms

About Aching Arms

ACHING ARMS Bringing comfort after pregnancy and baby loss Aching Arms is a baby loss charity run by a group of bereaved mothers who have experienced the pain and emptiness of leaving hospital without their baby. Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy and baby loss and bring some comfort to […]

Read About Love Keep Create

Read About Love Keep Create

   So many  people have special pieces of clothing which they really struggle to part with when they lose a loved one.  Here at LoveKeepCreate we take those precious items and transform them in to a range of keepsake quilts, cushions, blankets and stuffed animals.  It is often not until we have lost someone very […]

Lets Talk Baby Loss : Team Evie

  TEAM EVIE   Our Story   In 2015 we lost our daughter Evie and set up Team Evie to make sure that Evie had a lasting positive impact. Our aim was to help poorly children in hospital and the community, the families of the poorly children and bereaved parents – as we understand all […]

Read : Living With Bereavement – Baby Loss

Read : Living With Bereavement  – Baby Loss

Living With Bereavement  Chpt 4      When A Child Dies  Baby Loss  Death before Birth The confirmation of pregnancy can be the most fulfilling and exciting moment of a woman’s life. The feelings of anticipation and expectation generated at this time are unlike any she has experienced prior to this moment. Some pregnancies are […]

Lets Talk Baby Loss :Sands

Sands About Sands Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. We operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives. Erica Stewart, Bereavement Support and Awareness Specialist at Sands, said: “After a […]