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Russell Davison : My Wife, Our Journey , Her Death, Our L...

Russell Davison : My Wife, Our Journey , Her Death, Our Legacy

Russell and Wendy Davison had an incredible life journey together, They had known eachother since they were 12 and believe they are soulmates. Alex spoke to Russell who has given us permission to share his story here. My wife, Wendy Davison (pictured here )died surrounded by the immense love of her family and community on […]

Patricia Sarmiento shares some useful information

As many years as I’ve been in the health field, it’s never been easy to lose someone, whether personally or professionally. Although it’s something many people avoid talking about, death and the grief that follows it are unavoidable.   I was reminded of this recently after losing a lifelong friend who lost her battle with […]

Read :Nancy Borowick – Our story of Love and Loss.

Read :Nancy Borowick – Our story of Love and Loss.

The Family Imprint is an intimate story of my family, as my parents underwent parallel treatments for stage-four cancer. The story is about life and love more than cancer and death. In a sense, it reads and feels like a scrapbook–and is filled with decades of saved loved letters, keepsakes and other clues about our […]

Tribute to my friend Sam

Tribute to my friend  Sam

  In the early days of this website Sam Croxford Sadler was a regular writer, admin and helper. A qualified holistic therapist, Sam wrote regular articles for the website and was instrumental in the development of our monthly magazine. We, Sam and I were the first support service to offer a online magazine for the […]