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As many of you know I lost my little sister last week. It has been a very emotional week as I have dedicated a song to her the last 3 nights. They were songs that she loved and last night’s was a song she specifically asked that I sing at her funeral if she passed away before me. Of course, I promised her, never dreaming it might actually happen. The reason last night was so difficult is that it feels final now. The last words of the song are “Good Bye”, and as I said it I realized that I was really saying my final good bye. I decided that instead of a funeral I was going to remember her in my show. She would have loved that. If you have ever lost someone close to you I know this song will touch you as it did me last night.It would mean a lot to me if you were willing to share this so people will know how much I love my sister. And wherever you are, my dear baby sister Debi, I love you and…Goodbye.

Terry Fator

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