Listen : Where can I keep precious cremated remains ?Alex and Tania chat with Paul and Cheryl Yarwood of Secure Haven

safehavenWe were really pleased that Paul and Cheryl came up to chat with us in the studio this weekend. If you are still wondering what to do with your loved ones cremated remains please listen to this podcast.


“At Secure Haven we listen to families’ requests and lines of enquiry to understand their wishes following cremation. We learn how to fulfil their need to care for a loved ones’ ashes. As a result we are proud to be the exclusive distributors of some very innovative handcrafted urns. These include the unique wooden Les Grand Vents from Canada and the contrasting artistic Bea Stone urns beautifully crafted in Poland. These options provide families with alternative ways to keep their loved one’s ashes close by.”

You can contact Paul and Cheryl at Secure Haven at safehaven picsafe haven pic sofasafehaven urn

or visit their website



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