New charity fulfilling wishes for terminally ill


“We are asking everyone in the UK to pull together unite, join us and lets all be involved in helping the terminally ill to achieve something on their bucket list before they leave the planet. “


Why BFBL The Bucket List Charity ?
A few years ago I was working in a palliative care setting: My role was as support to family’s pre and post bereavement. My clients were of all ages, I’d get to know them (usually when they first received their terminal prognosis) and support them and their family members through their illness and death, with continued support for their loved ones after their death.
I felt privileged to share their journey’s, I’d listen to their worries and concerns, share their hopes and fears, be there when times were tearful and strained, but not all of my days were so sad.
I soon discovered that laughter and having fun not only reconnected the families with normality, but it lifted their spirits, gave things to plan for, to look forward to. Sometimes the excitement evoked really did ignite a positive sense of well being.It’s amazing how amidst such dark times a special treat can bring a ray of light.
Not all of the wishes are big things, most are quite simple, in my experience the planning and looking forward to a special event can provide a fantastic relief from painful procedures and therapies associated with terminal illness.
Most of us will never be faced with a terminal diagnosis ,but for those who are, let’s try in some small way to let them know that we care and want to help them to live a little bit more before they die.
By donating to our bucket list banks you’ll be offering opportunities for terminally ill people aged 18 and upwards to fulfil their wish.
Buckets for bucket list together let’s make it happen.
On behalf of everyone
Thank you

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