Bereavement in the workplace

Bereavement in the workplace

Managing bereavement in the workplace - a good practice guide Grief impacts on the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being of the person who is bereaved. At any time research indicates one in ten employees is likely to be affected by bereavement.

Bereavement in the workplace can be challenging to manage: employees may need to take time off unexpectedly; find their performance is impacted, or be temporarily unable to perform certain roles. However a compassionate and supportive approach demonstrates that the organisation values its employees, helps build commitment, reduce sickness absence, and retain the workforce.

Acas’ pdf  Managing bereavement in the workplace – a good practice guide [175kb] can help employers prepare for managing bereavement in the workplace by having a clear bereavement policy and by training managers and selected staff to have compassionate and effective conversations with bereaved employees.

This guidance was developed in partnership with Cruse Bereavement Care and others to help employers manage this difficult situation through appropriate and sensitive discussions with their employee, both in the immediate aftermath of bereavement and in the longer term.

“Every employer should read the new Acas guide on bereavement leave so they know how to communicate appropriately with staff at such an emotional and sensitive time. Excellent and very informative document.”
PA, Chamber of Commerce