The Owl at the Window Book Review


                 by Carl Gorham

‘She is dead. She was here just now and she was alive. How can she suddenly be dead? People in history are dead. Old people are dead. Grandparents are dead. Other people are dead. Not people like me. Not this person. The person I was married to. Had a child with. Not the person who was standing next to me. Chatting. Laughing. Being.’

I really liked this book it is real ,sad,funny, up and down – perfectly reflecting how bereavement is for many of us .

A particular chapter that I liked very much was  chpt 21 Cardboard Mummy ,It reminded me of children that I have worked with who have been similarly creative around their feelings of loss.

There’s so much in this book it’s a wealth of information for anyone wishing to understand – grasp how bereavement can be and its a helpful sharing for those who are in that place of grief.It’s a  sensitive ,honest and moving account of Carl and Romi’s journey towards manageability.

Recommended Reading

Alex James