When Bad Things Happen To Good People.

Talking To Children About Traumatic Events.

With today’s social media and ability to report live news as it happens to our TV screens, Mobiles and Pcs ┬áit can be extremely difficult to prevent children from being exposed to scenes that can be traumatic ,disturbing and scary. So what can we say to our children to help them to understand without causing them further distress? Here are some ideas that we hope you’ll find helpful.

1 When children ask questions . Answer as honestly as you are able to, keep your language simple and age appropriate.

2 Find out what they know , what they think , what they are feeling

3 Listen , explore their questions offering realistic assurance.

4 Remember most of the time things are 0k – these things don’t happen all the time.

5 Most people are kind and help each other

6 Ways you can show you care , make cards , draw pictures , light candles ,

7 Talk about things you can do to keep safe

8 Reassure of your protection, love and of their own resilience

9 Remember children don’t know everything , you can change their interpretations of events

10 Spend time together doing ‘normal ‘ things – keep routines and find opportunities to show that good things are still happening.

There are lots of agencies that offer support if you would like support or would like to share your ideas with us please contact us at support@bereavement.co.uk

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