Russell Davison : My Wife, Our Journey , Her Death, Our Legacy

Russell and Wendy Davison had an incredible life journey together, They had known eachother since they were 12 and believe they are soulmates. Alex spoke to Russell who has given us permission to share his story here.

My wife, Wendy Davison (pictured here )died surrounded by the immense love of her family and community on the 21st April 2017 following  her 10 year journey with cancer.

Wendy’s death sparked a huge international media response, triggered by the week long vigil our family and community held in our family home alongside her dead body.

Wendy decided right from the get-go to ‘paddle her own canoe’, not wanting to get on the ‘cancer conveyor belt’ and hand all the decisions about her life to doctors she didn’t know. We both have been on an incredible journey of discovery resulting for the most part to trust in nature and live the most authentic & natural life we could; firmly in ‘the now’. The success we had extending Wendy’s life has resulted in us helping lots of other people on their cancer journeys. This is something I am firmly committed to on whatever scale.

The open way we talked about Wendy’s death (which seems to be such a taboo subject to many) as it approached and the way we looked after her dead body ourselves has sparked something off around the globe and we hope to use the light that has been shone on our story to help spread the wonderful information we have about conscious living & dying, natural heath and all round empowerment to all who would like to listen and share.

Our mission is to build a worldwide ‘open source’ community that can benefit from our experience and to help people to get into their ‘own canoes’, be that looking to nature to support their own lives & deaths, living in the now or just living more authentic lives.

For now we are just asking peeps to ‘join us’ by giving us their email address so we can keep in touch while we build our website.

Lots of Peace, Love & Light to you all.

Russell Davison

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