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Haven’t the parents of Charlie got enough to face without yet another obstruction?Let them at least have this choice
Help them say goodbye
I tweeted this yesterday from my twitter page.

Today my thoughts are with Charlie and his parents.
I understand the clinical concerns of those involved and that Charlie has a right to a dignified death. I can’t understand how being at home ( in a place where his parents can be how they wish to be, with their son – whom it is without doubt they love and care for so deeply) could be any less dignified than a hospice or hospital bed. What is going on in our world when loving parents have their final choices for their son questioned and potentially removed. There are no winners here. I firmly believe that Charlie Gards parents had only his very best interest at heart, all the way through this tragedy. I feel so very sorry for them, It must be unbearable for them and how commendable that they have remained truly dignified throughout this horrendous time.I hope that we can for once remove some of the red tape, the policy , the procedure and the thought that dignity is more important than human love. That Charlie’s mummy and daddy can take him home, privately, be with him as they need to be and that he dies peacefully in the arms of those who love him and know him better than any of us. And may I also add that for us – of course we will remember Charlie’s story, but for his parents life without him is a forever journey.