Talking to Media and The Press

Talking To The Media /Press   our guide for self care 

When a bereavement is high profile you may find yourself in the  position of being the focus of media attention. This can be a diverse experience. On one hand you may want others to know ,to be  aware of your story  and on the other you may feel that it is intrusive as though you have given something of your personal life away , or, as one of my clients told me,Like I have become public property.

If yours is a high profile case where the press are likely to be in contact, to request information or interview, the following plan may be of use to you.

  • Plan or write a statement, write a few if you feel able to and don’t give them out immediately but take time to re-read them and make adjustments where you wish.
  • What questions are they going to ask  and could they give you some questions beforehand ? -so that you have time to think about your answers.
  • It is acceptable to ask the interviewer what kind of story they are looking to present.
  • Remember you DO have a choice.There can be huge anxieties about being interviewed by Television, Radio, or Newspaper. A feeling of euphoria afterwards, mixed with deep emotion. Often these interviews may be upon you without warning, their questions unexpected and afterwards, when you see the article,you can feel that you wish you hadn’t said this or that, or wish that you had said more.Think about what you want people that don’t know you to know about you and how much you want to tell.
  • Photographs think about which you would like to use and ask to see any that the press photographers take or wish to use.

Sometimes the attention of the public is needed , for example if the police are looking for a suspect. This can make you feel grateful for press attention and feel that you have to answer questions, you don’t.

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