Mindfulness and Meditation Audio Podcasts

Join Tania for this  short progressive muscle relaxation 

Welcome 🙂

The first podcast is for something called ‘ progressive muscle relaxation’.

I will talk you through a short relaxation practise that once you have learned, you can do by your self to help you relax or feel calmer in any situation, anywhere.

Audio’s are useful if you need a little support or guidance, once you have practised the techniques, you will probably find you won’t need to listen to them, you will just be able to talk yourself through and then you can make your practise as long or short as you want it to be.

Bereavement and loss can often bring up feelings of worry or anxiety, and mindfulness meditation or relaxation exercises can be a useful way of managing these.

The podcasts fit in really well with our philosophy here at BereavementUK. Holistic, accessible and free support for you, whoever, where ever you are in the world, whatever time of day it is.

You can join me in this podcast whilst sitting , standing or lying down, wherever you are comfrtable and wont be disturned for a few minutes. When you are ready simply click on the play bar below

We hope you find it useful.



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