Book Review The Huge Bag Of Worries

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The Huge Bag Of Worries

Virginia Ironside – Hodder Children’s Books – ISBN – 978-0-340-90317-9

A Thoroughly enjoyable book, with superb illustrations and the minimum amount of words, allowing the pictures, imagination and experiences of the reader to come to the fore.

Takes you on a journey with a little girl who discovers that she has started to worry about everything.  The book looks at worries we all have, worries we have as individuals and how we “take on” other peoples worries.  Culminates in a lovely scene whereby an old lady, who sees her sitting alone and clearly upset, looks in her bag of worries and begins to sort them into piles that are hers and not hers.  The little girl discovers that once the worries are out of the bag they don’t look as big or scary as they did when they were “in the darkness” of her bag.  Once she realises that many of the worries are not hers to worry about,  and many others are ones we all have, the bag lightens to the extent it fly’s away, after being caught by a huge gust of wind, leaving the little girl “ feeling much lighter” and able to smile and be happy again.

Truly wonderful book that has a wide audience appeal, young and old, thoroughly recommend.


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