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The Little Book Of The Big Stuff About The Brain

Andrew Curran – Crown House Publishing – ISBN – 978-184590085-4


I have always been put off learning more about my brain, too many parts, too many long words….”oh I won’t understand……I won’t bother….”  That is until I came across this fascinating book by Andrew Curran.

At last a book about my Brain, why I feel the way I do, do the things I do, in a language, supported by pictures, that I not only understand, but thoroughly enjoyed the “Discovering process”.  Using language that “paint a picture” for me is my preferred way of learning.  Such as “I want you to imagine that your brain and all its nerve cells are like a huge orchestra…..” and “…..okay, so you hated Chemistry at School.  I can understand that.  I hated Chemistry at School…..”  Shows a real empathy, on the part of the author, of how I might struggle with understanding the complexities of Brain discovery and how he does everything to help ease me through this hitherto “taboo subject”

Thoroughly recommend…..enjoy!!!        Clive


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