Children’s Remembrance Song

The Children’s Rememberance song

Never Forget  

Lyrics and Melody  by Alex James

Arranged by Rebecca Ellis

Sung by children at Cheddington County Combined junior school

Illustrated by  Natalie Bedwell

Project coordinated by Deirdre Lay

Here’s the podcast audio of this little song that I wrote for children, easy to learn ,play on simple instruments and to remember .

I offer this along with the lyrics to download free of charge.

The song may be used by anyone working with children who are bereaved ,or as an  addition to school assembly where there may be a community acknowledgement of a death. The book is also available please contact us if you would like a free copy .

Please note the illustrations lyrics and music are copy written and donated here by permission of Alex James


Alex children songIMG_8118Ichildrens song


I will never forget

Never ever forget

Just like an elephant big and round

Great grey trunk that touches the ground

I will never forget

Verse 1

Every day that goes by

Sometimes wondering Why ?

Through each sunrise and each sunset

I will never forget


Verse 2

Growing older each day

In my heart you will stay

Watching over me I pray

I will never forget


Verse 3

Remembering times we’ve had

Makes me happy and sad

But there’s something that makes


I will never forget





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