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I was gifted this book, so I knew it would have an impact on me- and I was right- it was a ‘read until I finish’ type of book- despite a 3000 word assignment due in on the same week!

I havent reviewed a fictional book on this site as yet, so this is a first- but I was compelled to share it, particuarly as t the topic is one Alex and I have been exploring recently on the site, and we both believe in synchronicity.

Flight of the Kingfisher is a fictional book about a psychic medium, Alex. Alex’s story is utterly compelling as the book guides us through his experiences as a psychic medium as various unexpected life events unfold around him. I was drawn in to Alex’s world, and found myself closely empathising with the main characters and their individual responses to loss and the concept of mediumship.

J Merrill Forrest, writes sensitively and insightfully on the experience of death, dying and bereavement through the various main characters and explores the path of a psychic medium when they too are faced with death and adversity.

I was drawn to investigate the author further and noted that there may be a sequal. I imagine this will be welcome news to old and new appreciators of her writing style, I personally will look forward to reading it. Having contacted to author personally, I am pleased to report Jane has agreed to do an interview with Bereavementuk to tell us more about her own story…………… watch this space…………


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