Read :Book Review- Supporting People Through Loss and Grief- John Wilson


This useful book for counselling and caring practitioners wanting to know more about supporting people through loss and grief came to my attention at a recent conference.

Mr Wilson (soon to be Dr once his PHD is complete ;-)) is a very experienced gentleman who has worked in St Catherines Hospice in the UK since 1999.

His book balances theory and personal experience and case study in a worthwhile and engaging manner, making it of interest to anyone likely to be supporting bereaved individuals through their work. He reflects on theorists of young and old, and integrates the learning into the present day.

John draws from the 60 hour training course written by Cruse and Help the Hospices in 1998 to form a basis for the training of his own bereavement volunteers, and this book also takes the reader through this process, making it a fabulous resource for anyone thinking about or look to devise such a training for their bereavement service.

John is a very conscientious author, and he has thoroughly researched his subject, which, when combined with his experience and straightforward manner in which her presents the material, makes this book an essential for any practitioners bookshelf.


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