Here’s a quick view of  our podcasts more will be added 

Working With Children and Young Adults 


Welcome Clive

Sand Tray Work 1


Sand Tray Work 2  

Creative Play 1     

Creative Play 2

Creative Play 3   Puppets 


Aida’s Kitchen

Blueberry Sorbet

Banana Cake 

No Knead Bread 


Celeriac Soup 

 Wellbeing and Holistic Practise 

Crystal House well being Studio Interview


Meditations With Tania

1  Muscle Relaxation  

2 Breathing

3 Relaxation 

4 Mindful Thoughts 

5 Space To Practise

6 Working With Anxiety 


A Good Death ?



Post Bag  Alex and Tania (A Cup Of Tea With Auntie )

Child Death

Death of A Parent 



What’s Your Story ?


 Child Death Alex and Valerie Lissaman

Liz Hughes Chaplain

 Psychic Mike 

Guest With Tania 

 Reiki Master Christine Interview

Hypnotherapist Linda 

Radio Graham Torrington Late Show Ambiguous Loss