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When A Child Dies

When A Child Dies  Alex James  ( chapter taken from Living With Bereavement ) “‘My baby was always happy and contented …….she slept. I blame myself, although the hospital says it wasn’t my fault but I should have known something was wrong…. why didn’t I know? I read about other mothers who say things like […]

Audio Post Bag When A Child Dies

Audio     Post Bag          When A Child Dies

A cup of tea with Auntie This weeks Theme is child death Join Tania and Alex as they share a few chosen emails to read and discuss in the studio. Names have been changed and alongside our discussion and audio guidance the authors also receive our 121  free on line support. If you would like […]

What’s Your Story ? When A Child Dies

What’s Your Story ?      When A Child Dies

 Alex James is joined in our  studio by Valerie Lissaman   Valerie affectionately known as ‘ Aunty Val’ ,is mother to Steven, who died suddenly as the result of a road traffic accident. If you’ve read Alex’s  book ‘Living with Bereavement’ you’ll know that it is dedicated  Steven’s memory. In this interview Aunty Val shares […]

Book Review: Ruby Ruse- by Freya Boyesen

Ruby Ruse is a book about a young woman, Sasha, who dies from an accidental heroin overdose. The book is written by her Mother Freya. We are granted an insight, through Sashas journal entries and Freyas reflections, on Sashas vibrant, artistic, nomadic, and reflective nature, as she travels the world, recording her observations and emotions […]