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The use of CBT in Bereavement Support

Recently, I undertook and graduated with a Diploma in CBT. I remember, on discussing with a colleague at work that I was considering the course, that she asked me, surprised, “but why would you want to do that Tania, you are so person centred”. “Exactly!”, I replied. During my initial counselling training in 2002, we were […]

Read :Working with sand trays

Working with Sand – by Clive Black Working with sand is a valuable creative tool that can be used with children and adults in counselling and therapy. Using a solid tray measuring approximately 30x20x3 inches, “fitting “ within peripheral vision,  coloured blue to represent the sea and sky, and a wide range of miniatures including […]

Watch Creative work with Children

Clive,Alex and Tania Working with Children   Part One   Part Two