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BBC Radio -Late Night Graham Torrington With Alex and ...

BBC Radio  -Late Night Graham Torrington   With Alex and Tania

Late Night Graham Torrington Tonight on the show I ant to have a conversation with you about personal loss. How do you cope losing someone either in an accident, during war time or just because they go missing? You have nowhere to visit, often no body or you are advised not to view the body. […]

When A Child Dies

When A Child Dies  Alex James  ( chapter taken from Living With Bereavement ) “‘My baby was always happy and contented …….she slept. I blame myself, although the hospital says it wasn’t my fault but I should have known something was wrong…. why didn’t I know? I read about other mothers who say things like […]

When A Child Dies Death Before Birth

Death Before Birth   ( Excerpts from chapter of Living with Bereavement ) Death before Birth The confirmation of pregnancy can be the most fulfilling and exciting moment of a woman’s life. The feelings of anticipation and expectation generated at this time are unlike any she has experienced prior to this moment. Some pregnancies are […]

Interview With Our Studio Guest Reiki Master Christine

Interview With Our Studio Guest Reiki Master  Christine

Join Tania and her guest Christine as they share thoughts about Reiki as an  aid to welbeing

Audio Post Bag When A Child Dies

Audio     Post Bag          When A Child Dies

A cup of tea with Auntie This weeks Theme is child death Join Tania and Alex as they share a few chosen emails to read and discuss in the studio. Names have been changed and alongside our discussion and audio guidance the authors also receive our 121  free on line support. If you would like […]

What’s Your Story ? When A Child Dies

What’s Your Story ?      When A Child Dies

 Alex James is joined in our  studio by Valerie Lissaman   Valerie affectionately known as ‘ Aunty Val’ ,is mother to Steven, who died suddenly as the result of a road traffic accident. If you’ve read Alex’s  book ‘Living with Bereavement’ you’ll know that it is dedicated  Steven’s memory. In this interview Aunty Val shares […]

Being Yourself In Grief

Your Grief is Individual and Unique  We are all individuals and how we feel, think, function, is unique to each and every one of us. Not every one feels a certain way or holds a certain belief, each manages their situation from wherever they are on their personal journey,drawing upon whatever life experience they may […]

Crystal House well Being Interview

Our guests ,Linda and Christine from The Crystal House Well being Centre, join Tania in our studio at Bereavement UK to share their thoughts about the benefits of  holistic therapies.

Sleep and Dreams

Article contains  :My Thoughts , National Sleep Foundation Says , Self Help Link. My Thoughts  It’s believed that everyone dreams, stories played out whilst we sleep can be a jumbled reflection of our lives.I see dreams like this :Whilst we are awake we are mostly  able to control our thoughts. We move through our awake time absorbing […]

Mindfulness and Meditation Audio Podcasts

Join Tania for this  short progressive muscle relaxation  Welcome 🙂 The first podcast is for something called ‘ progressive muscle relaxation’. I will talk you through a short relaxation practise that once you have learned, you can do by your self to help you relax or feel calmer in any situation, anywhere. Audio’s are useful […]