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Read :Book Review- Supporting People Through Loss and Gri...

Read :Book Review- Supporting People Through Loss and Grief- John Wilson

This useful book for counselling and caring practitioners wanting to know more about supporting people through loss and grief came to my attention at a recent conference. Mr Wilson (soon to be Dr once his PHD is complete ;-)) is a very experienced gentleman who has worked in St Catherines Hospice in the UK since […]

Ambiguous Loss

Ambiguous Loss With the tragic loss of life on flight 370 this year, as we go to press, families and loved ones still await news and evidence, that ,as foretold in press interviews, flight 370 is lost and all life on board deceased – currently without trace. How do we human beings cope with such tragedy […]

When A Child Dies Death Before Birth

Death Before Birth   ( Excerpts from chapter of Living with Bereavement ) Death before Birth The confirmation of pregnancy can be the most fulfilling and exciting moment of a woman’s life. The feelings of anticipation and expectation generated at this time are unlike any she has experienced prior to this moment. Some pregnancies are […]

Supporting Agencies

Bereavement  Support Bereavement is an individual process that is as unique as the relationship you had with the person that has died. Grief can take many forms and be expressed in various ways. It is not unusual to withdraw from people slightly and not feel like talking in your usual manner, just as it is […]