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Read :Book Review- Supporting People Through Loss and Gri...

Read :Book Review- Supporting People Through Loss and Grief- John Wilson

This useful book for counselling and caring practitioners wanting to know more about supporting people through loss and grief came to my attention at a recent conference. Mr Wilson (soon to be Dr once his PHD is complete ;-)) is a very experienced gentleman who has worked in St Catherines Hospice in the UK since […]

Book Review: Ruby Ruse- by Freya Boyesen

Ruby Ruse is a book about a young woman, Sasha, who dies from an accidental heroin overdose. The book is written by her Mother Freya. We are granted an insight, through Sashas journal entries and Freyas reflections, on Sashas vibrant, artistic, nomadic, and reflective nature, as she travels the world, recording her observations and emotions […]