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The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace

Former Tow Law man’s bereavement book dubbed ‘200-page cuddle’ A FATHER-OF-TWO on a mission to combat loneliness has written a bereavement book, described by one reviewer as a “200-page cuddle.” Rather than telling people how they should feel , The Missing Peace: Creating a Life After Death is a collection of emotional stories and experiences. […]

Sleep and Dreams

Article contains  :My Thoughts , National Sleep Foundation Says , Self Help Link. My Thoughts  It’s believed that everyone dreams, stories played out whilst we sleep can be a jumbled reflection of our lives.I see dreams like this :Whilst we are awake we are mostly  able to control our thoughts. We move through our awake time absorbing […]

Lets Be Careful Out There

Finding The Right Support and  Keeping Safe  I received quite a few emails lately seeking support,or should I say  safe connections. So I decided to take a look at what’s going on out there. There are endless agencies and individuals offering support. Anyone can set up a social media group or page and anyone can […]

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory    Choosing and placing a memorial …    The placing of a head stone or memorial stone is a very hard and emotionally draining act, rarely prepared for and not as openly discussed as it ought to be.   Some people may  want to place the stone as quickly as they can […]

What About The Children ?

Being Seen and not heard. What about the children? The dilemma for many families who may be facing the death of a close loved one or for whom a loved one has died.  Should they involve the children and if so to what extent?  What information should be given and how? I recently visited a […]

Talking to Media and The Press

Talking To The Media /Press   our guide for self care  When a bereavement is high profile you may find yourself in the  position of being the focus of media attention. This can be a diverse experience. On one hand you may want others to know ,to be  aware of your story  and on the other you […]

‘The First Few Days ‘ Ideas for self hel...

The First Few Days  “It almost felt like I’d have to remind myself to breathe” Things can be so overwhelming after a loss, that not only might we find it hard to think about what we should do next, we might forget to do simple everyday things Remember that even though it doesn’t seem like it, what you […]

Grieving Couples

Grieving Couples Keeping the relationship and communication when a close loved one dies  Death and sex are two of the most taboo subjects that we as human beings find difficult to discuss. Grief is stressful, exhausting, trawls through us in every which way and affects every area of our life,not least our relationships with those […]