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The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace

Former Tow Law man’s bereavement book dubbed ‘200-page cuddle’ A FATHER-OF-TWO on a mission to combat loneliness has written a bereavement book, described by one reviewer as a “200-page cuddle.” Rather than telling people how they should feel , The Missing Peace: Creating a Life After Death is a collection of emotional stories and experiences. […]

Tunisia: Ways to help if you know someone affected by ...

Here are 10 ways that you can help someone affected by trauma: By Tania Brocklehurst 1) Acknowledge what has happened. You can do this in whatever way feels right for you and your relationship/ role with the person. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing. Saying something is better than nothing at all as long […]

BBC Radio -Late Night Graham Torrington With Alex and ...

BBC Radio  -Late Night Graham Torrington   With Alex and Tania

Late Night Graham Torrington Tonight on the show I ant to have a conversation with you about personal loss. How do you cope losing someone either in an accident, during war time or just because they go missing? You have nowhere to visit, often no body or you are advised not to view the body. […]

When A Child Dies

When A Child Dies  Alex James  ( chapter taken from Living With Bereavement ) “‘My baby was always happy and contented …….she slept. I blame myself, although the hospital says it wasn’t my fault but I should have known something was wrong…. why didn’t I know? I read about other mothers who say things like […]

When A Child Dies Death Before Birth

Death Before Birth   ( Excerpts from chapter of Living with Bereavement ) Death before Birth The confirmation of pregnancy can be the most fulfilling and exciting moment of a woman’s life. The feelings of anticipation and expectation generated at this time are unlike any she has experienced prior to this moment. Some pregnancies are […]

Being Yourself In Grief

Your Grief is Individual and Unique  We are all individuals and how we feel, think, function, is unique to each and every one of us. Not every one feels a certain way or holds a certain belief, each manages their situation from wherever they are on their personal journey,drawing upon whatever life experience they may […]

Children’s Remembrance Song

The Children’s Rememberance song Never Forget   Lyrics and Melody  by Alex James Arranged by Rebecca Ellis Sung by children at Cheddington County Combined junior school Illustrated by  Natalie Bedwell Project coordinated by Deirdre Lay Here’s the podcast audio of this little song that I wrote for children, easy to learn ,play on simple instruments […]

Book Review The Little book of big stuff about the brain

  Clive Black Children’s Support and Play Therapist Reviews – The Little Book Of The Big Stuff About The Brain Andrew Curran – Crown House Publishing – ISBN – 978-184590085-4   I have always been put off learning more about my brain, too many parts, too many long words….”oh I won’t understand……I won’t bother….”  That […]

Book Review The Huge Bag Of Worries

Book Review  The Huge Bag Of Worries

 Children’s Support and play therapist Clive Black reviews      –                                                                    The Huge Bag Of Worries Virginia Ironside – Hodder Children’s Books […]

Managing Official Business

Our Self Care Guide  There can be many occasions after a death where you may have to attend meetings or to official  business. Whether you are planning the funeral, attending inquests, talking to solicitors, or other officials who may require you to attend meetings, or may visit you seeking information. Here’s a few ideas of […]