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Bereavement theory made easy- an overview

Sometimes theory can be wordy or so academic that it feels inaccessable to the reader. Here, I give an overview of grief theory, that can hopefully help inform both the ordinary bereaved person and caring professional or supportive friend understand what may be of use or happening. Grief is a natural response to the death or […]

Interview with Dr Linda Machin

We at BereavementUK are privileged to share with you an interview with Dr Linda Machin. Linda is a pioneer in bereavement theory in the 21st century, having devised the Adult Attitude to Grief scale and the Range of Response to Loss model, which has helped countless health care professionals understand grief better, and countless bereaved […]

Read: Interview with Robert Neimeyer by Tania

Read: Interview with Robert Neimeyer by Tania

Robert Neimeyer is one of the most well known and respected bereavement theorists in the 21st century.   Alex Says : I first met Robert Neimeyer (Bob) a few years ago at a conference. He spoke so clearly and descriptively about his experiences of working. He coloured his words and engaged everyone, as he told stories […]

Read:An introduction to theory relating to bereavement an...

An Introduction to Theory relating to Bereavement and Grief  Grief is a natural response to the death or loss of someone or something that we have valued, loved or connected with. I like to think that a persons response to grief is as unique as the relationship that they have had with the person that […]