Bereavement Magazine

Bereavement UK Magazine Issue 1

Road Death

Our first ever issue!! This month we look at Road Death, Bruce Murakami, founder of Safe Teen Driver as interviewed on Ophra Winfrey (Bruce’s wife and daughter were killed when their car was hit by a teen racer).

Bereavement UK Magazine Issue 2

From We to ME

In this issue of Bereavement UK we concentrate on the death of a partner or spouse. Widows, Widowers, Bereaved Partners & Spouses share their stories.

Bereavement UK Magazine issue 3

Death by Suicide, why?

Suicide, the facts, the stigma and the Impact on those whose loved ones choose to end their lives.

Plus suicide information in the uk.

Bereavement UK Magazine issue 4

When a child dies

In this moving 4th issue, bereaved parents of children of all ages, share their tragic stories.

Plus a book review of “One Man’s Wilderness”.

Bereavement Uk Magazine issue 1

Sudden Death

In this edition we focus on sudden death and look at the impact on the families and close loved ones of those who die suddenly, traumatically and unexpectedly.

Bereavement UK Magazine Issue 6

Life After Death

Issue 6 delves into the interesting subjects of Life After Death, near death experiences, reiki, chrystal healing and accounts of previous lives.

Bereavement UK Magazine issue 7

Funeral, it’s your chioce

There are so many funeral options available to us, and many of us are unaware of those funeral choices. This month we examine some alternitive funerals.

Bereavement UK Magazine issue 8

Tis the season to be jolly

Those who are grieving and for the newly bereaved the prospect of Christmas can be a terrible time.

We look at ways in which you might escape the festivities.