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A Song for you Mum, I love you and you will always be in our hearts x



Wilma 2009Mum12Mum & Dad and my daughter DarceyMum & the boys

Wilma Davidson (Maiden Name Wilma King)Wilma was born an only child and sadly lost her father Arthur King to TB
when she was only 4 years old.
She married my Dad, Daniel Davidson on 6th of March 1964 and worked as a
fashion model for many years.


Wilma had an enchanting personality which lit up everyone she knew. She was a real socialite, the life an soul of the party and a wonderfully warm and caring mother. She was the centre piece of our whole family and she always had time to support me and my older brother Russell and anyone else she knew. Sadly, when she was a child she watched a relative pass to cancer and she had a deep rooted fear of the disease her whole life until finally succumbing to cancer herself on the 19th of June 2013.

She had touched so many lives that on the day of her funeral, so many people came to pay their respects that there were as many people outside the church as there was inside.

She was incredibly proud of her family and she would have been touched to know that Bereavement UK choose to use her sons song. My mum was my greatest, supported and wanted desperately to help me succeed in music and its fitting that she is still doing that for me even after she is gone.


Thank you so much Douglas for allowing us to share this beautiful tribute to your mum and we’ll look forward to chatting to you in the studio soon 

Best wishes 

Alex and Tania



Davidson/MacFarlane Songwriters

Glas­gow born song­writ­ers Dou­glas David­son and Scott Mac­Far­lane have so far writ­ten and recorded over two hun­dred songs.

Cur­rently work­ing with North­star Music they have released their debut song­writ­ing album Win­ners. Gra­hame MacLean owner of North­star says “David­son & Mac­Far­lane are out­stand­ing song­writ­ers and have proven they are capa­ble of work­ing on any project no mat­ter what the style and what­ever the timescale”.

We’ll look forward to speaking to Douglas on our podcast chat in the not too distant future

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