Book Review: Daddy, this is it. Being with My Dying Dad- Julie Saeger Nierenberg

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I began this book with a completely open mind. It had been sent to us at BereavementUK, and I settled down into it without looking further into the background of the book or author.

Julie takes us through a strikingly honest and open account of her fathers death and the weeks leading up to this. It is not a lengthy book, I completed it in one sitting, and it is easy to read, in that it does not use complicated language and it had my attention the whole way through.

I imagine and Julie does reflect on this, that the book was therapy in itself through ordering her thoughts and sequence of events through her fathers journey at the end of his life. Julies experience through the end of life process with her Dad is shared with the reader who is given an insight into their very close relationship. There may be readers who would have wished for a more peaceful ending with their own father, or at least will reflect upon such a relationship whilst reading, such is the level of engagement.

The book is very thought provoking, reflecting on Julies thoughts, feelings, physical and spiritual experiences as she journeyed with her Father through the end of his life.  I found myself pausing, thinking about my own experiences, and how the subject matter related to myself, and people I knew. Rather uniquely perhaps, and in line with Julies open hearted writing style,  Julie has a section at the end of her book on ‘How Can You Create Peace of Mind’  at end of life, and further reflects that you may not wish to wait to end of life to follow some of the suggestions through. Julie also has some recommended resources and websites, as well as a suggestion that the reader may also wish to write, both has a therapeutic exercise, and to leave a legacy to their loved ones.

Another aspect of interest to me was of the reflections of the routine use of hospice care in the States, where Julies father lived, which was interwoven with regular healthcare and seemed to have been a positive experience.

The book is available to buy on Amazon.


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