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Read :Working with sand trays

Working with Sand – by Clive Black Working with sand is a valuable creative tool that can be used with children and adults in counselling and therapy. Using a solid tray measuring approximately 30x20x3 inches, “fitting “ within peripheral vision,  coloured blue to represent the sea and sky, and a wide range of miniatures including […]

Watch Creative work with Children

Clive,Alex and Tania Working with Children   Part One   Part Two 

Watch :Introducing Clive Black

Watch :Introducing  Clive Black

Join Tania as she chats to Clive and welcomes him to our team

Children’s Remembrance Song

The Children’s Rememberance song Never Forget   Lyrics and Melody  by Alex James Arranged by Rebecca Ellis Sung by children at Cheddington County Combined junior school Illustrated by  Natalie Bedwell Project coordinated by Deirdre Lay Here’s the podcast audio of this little song that I wrote for children, easy to learn ,play on simple instruments […]

Book Review The Little book of big stuff about the brain

  Clive Black Children’s Support and Play Therapist Reviews – The Little Book Of The Big Stuff About The Brain Andrew Curran – Crown House Publishing – ISBN – 978-184590085-4   I have always been put off learning more about my brain, too many parts, too many long words….”oh I won’t understand……I won’t bother….”  That […]

Book Review The Huge Bag Of Worries

Book Review  The Huge Bag Of Worries

 Children’s Support and play therapist Clive Black reviews      –                                                                    The Huge Bag Of Worries Virginia Ironside – Hodder Children’s Books […]

What About The Children ?

Being Seen and not heard. What about the children? The dilemma for many families who may be facing the death of a close loved one or for whom a loved one has died.  Should they involve the children and if so to what extent?  What information should be given and how? I recently visited a […]